How did I get here?

As an idealistic college student I never imagined my life looking like this 20 years later but I wouldn’t want it any other way!  I did not choose ADHD to shape the wife and mother that I’ve become.  It chose me.  And I have spent countless hours and maybe even days (weeks?) wondering why me, why us???  It put me into a daze but I am taking the reins now.  I want to steer my family through this fog but also take the time to stop and enjoy the beautiful moments along the way.

The silly ones too. We have a lot of silly ones!


I am creating this blog, ADHDaze, to help others see through the daze of ADHD or at least provide a virtual meeting place that is safe for all of us to share our stories and support one another along the way.

7 thoughts on “How did I get here?

  1. You are amazing. Your kids are amazing. It’s so hard for many to understand, but it is so real. It’s good that we all learn and share together!

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  2. Education, research and conversation are all positive steps. Thank you my brave girl for taking this step not only for you, your hubby and those precious kids but to help spread understanding of this misunderstood condition known as ADHD. Love you and stay strong.😘❣️❣️


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