Why I started blogging about ADHD

ADHD awareness month

When my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD over 3 years ago I didn’t know where to turn.  It was one of those things that everyone swept under the rug but at the same time it was eating me up inside.  I could tell my daughter was hurting.  Why was it ok for the mom of the kid with diabetes or asthma to discuss her problems during the daily huddle of drop off and pick up…but society expected me to keep my mouth shut?

As any overly protective mother would do I turned to the internet and began searching for answers and a community of parents that were like me.  This is when I came across ADDitude Magazine and CHADD.  As I started to follow along and get more involved with these organizations I quickly learned that October was ADHD awareness month.

For the first few years I would follow along and read their articles, Facebook posts and blogs eager for the knowledge and in awe of those jumping on the band wagon to spread awareness of ADHD.  I didn’t have the courage but I still longed for a community to support me.

This last October when the messages to spread awareness began to hit my feed again I decided to take the plunge.  I’m not sure why??  Maybe because I felt like our family was in a good place.  My daughter was doing well at school and socially or I was just fed up with the silence.  It was terrifying to expose this thing that was so much a part of my life but I had kept secret from most for years and you know what???  The outpouring of love and support I received in return was more than I ever expected.


I wish you could see the comments because they are amazing but I want to keep the identity of my friends and family private.

The stigma

So I continued throughout the month of October to post on my private Facebook account interesting quotes, statistics and articles I had found that related to ADHD.  Yes, I got a little pushback from some naysayers that I shouldn’t violate my family’s privacy but you know what people….they are in full support!!  I think the stigma that surrounds an ADHD diagnosis is awful and in my experience at times more difficult to handle than the disease itself.

When the calendar turned to November 1st I didn’t want my battle to end.  I decided to start this blog to put my underused college Journalism degree to work.  I decided to start this blog to do my part to end the stigma of ADHD.  I decided to start this blog to be the change that I wanted to see in the world.


A better world for my children and those that follow in my footsteps

We are fortunate to live in a tight-knit community that is rich with resources and support.  They are many resources (medical, academic, social etc) both my neighbors and those living with ADHD somewhere on the other side of the world might not know about but if we continue to not talk about it…how is anything going to get better?

I’m hoping to do my part to open up the conversation about ADHD.  My daughter is not ashamed of her diagnosis although at times it does frustrate her.  As a mother in the trenches I would like to share what has and has not worked for our family.  I tend to be very Type A personality so I struggle to live in harmony with the chaos that ADHD creates but I am SLOWLY learning to see the beauty in it.  And I strive to see the humor in everyday like my fellow warrior at Scarymommy.

Please help me to spread awareness by following this blog and or sharing it on your favorite social media outlet.

3 thoughts on “Why I started blogging about ADHD

  1. I see our girl thriving and see nothing but love and support coming your way. Keep doing what you are doing and watch this smart, beautiful, loving girl I am proud to call my granddaughter and my little love thrive❣️😘


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