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Here’s a Quick Way to Head Off Homework Headaches….Take 2

update: I posted this about a month ago but didn’t realize the video was marked private on YouTube.  Oopsie:)  Here it is again for all of you to see.  I have to admit I’m not always on top of updating this board with our daily schedule but I have been using it for daily reminders for things I need to discuss with the family. BONUS!!!!

Homework …ugh Homework!!! It’s not a fun topic in any household but if you throw in ADHD or some other learning disability it can go from bad to worse. QUICKLY. I get it.

My little guy is only 6 but already the homework headaches have begun. He has not been diagnosed with ADHD but we started behavioral therapy with him at the beginning of the school year since we were seeing signs of anxiety.  His therapist had mentioned creating a daily schedule (similar to what he sees at school).

Check out this video (my first one EVER!) to see my solution.



My dream is that this visual calendar will ward off the major meltdowns that occur anytime the word homework is heard in our house.  Fingers crossed! Please comment below if you try this…and how it works for you.

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