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5 Ways to Enjoy Summer with your ADHDer

Anyone else feeling the anxiety of those last few weeks of school?  Not only is our calendar booked almost every single night with baseball games, Open House, choir performances and on and on…but the open ended days of summer loom on the horizon.  Don’t get me wrong I love summer just as much as the next girl but as you know the freedom of unstructured days can spell disaster for a kid with ADHD.

Here’s my top ten list of things you can do to make your summer more enjoyable (or at least minimize the meltdowns)

1. Yep you guessed right….Structure:

I know creating structure comes more naturally for some but if you can even say keep a regular bed and wakeup time Monday-Friday that will help.  Baby steps people!!

2. Camp

Since Pickles is now 10 years old I have had some experience chauffeuring her around to various camps.  I have adopted the philosophy that we have to strike a balance of time at camp versus just time to chill.  Local day camps give kids a chance to develop their strengths and gain self confidence.  I am interested in the idea of sleep away camps and I’ve had my eye on this one.  If the staff and camp are informed of the unique challenges for your kid it can be an amazing experience that will help them grow.

3. Academics

Wait!  Don’t stop reading yet…hear me out on this one.  Many kids with ADHD also struggle with other developmental and learning delays so incorporating a little academics throughout the summer month will help keep them from suffering a “summer setback.”

4. Make a Bucket List

In these last few weeks before school or during the first few days of summer have your kids write down (or brainstorm with you) a list of everything they would like to do this summer.  Of course, make sure they know this is just a wish list but it will make it easier for you to plan some activities.

5. Visit your Local Library

I’m blessed with two little bookworms and a local library with a super cool summer reading program!!  Honestly, my kids beg to go to the library and I try to indulge them each week over the summer (if we are home) but it helps that it is convenient.  If you don’t have a library that is convenient Barnes and Noble is has a summer program for you..

That’s all for this week I have to get back to conquering the calendar.  Please take a minute to join our email list so you don’t miss a thing here at ADHDaze.


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