Pills, Inhalers, Vitamins…How to Keep it all Straight?

My husband and I are the epitome of the saying “ships passing in the night.”  And this night, about one year ago, was definitely one of those nights.  I’m fuzzy about all the details of the day but what is ingrained into my memory was the moment I second guessed myself.  My husband was out with his buddies and moments after I had given Pickles her nightly meds I had that sinking feeling.   I wondered if by chance he had given her the medication too before he left…and one quick phone call confirmed it was true.

I started to panic.  The medication in question was used to control her tics but it was initially developed as a blood pressure medication.  My first instinct was to text my girlfriend (whose hubby also was enjoying whatever guys night out outing festivities were occurring).  My friend is an internal medicine doctor and her calm voice soothed my nerves a bit but in the end I had to phone the on-call pediatric nurse which ended up sending us to the ER.  We had a very long night of blood pressure monitoring before we were finally sent home tired but unharmed.

This sent a message to me loud and clear that we need to have a better system for monitioring medications in our home.  The sad thing is that I still haven’t done anything about it!!!  Here are the things holding me back (aka excuses).

  • whatever the solution…it needs to be simple so my husband can be on board too
  • while my daughter has multiple medications she takes for ADHD, my son has asthma so we have one and sometimes up to four inhalers/nose sprays in the mix
  • we have 2 places where we keep medications, in the kitchen & upstairs, we do this for convenience because the medicines are stored right where we dose them

So What’s Next??

At her last appointment, Pickles psychiatrist mentioned using a pill box to sort out daily ADHD medications.  Why did I never think of this??  For some reason in my mind I equated those weekly pill boxes with the elderly.  Of course we could use one too to keep our family on track.  In fact I just ordered this one.  Also, I just purchased this Prescriptions Printable and will keep it on the clipboard right next to our medications in the kitchen.


What is you experience with organizing medications??

Comment below to share your thoughts.

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