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Announcing our Ebook with a Sneak Peek

Instead of hammering out the worksheets from one of those Summer Bridging workbooks, my daughter and I have started working on our first Ebook.  EEEK!!  I’m so excited to share a glimpse with you.


About 8 months ago I started a blog to break down the stigma of ADHD.  In my very first post I wrote these words, “As an idealistic college student I never imagined my life looking like this 20 years later.  I wouldn’t want it any other way!  I did not choose ADHD to shape the wife and mother that I’ve become.  It chose me.  And I have spent countless hours and maybe even days (weeks?) wondering why me, why us???  It put me into a daze but I am taking the reins now.  I want to steer my family through this fog but also take the time to stop and enjoy the beautiful moments along the way.”

I wasn’t sure where this journey was going to take me.  In the short time I’ve been working on this I can’t believe what I have accomplished.  As I write this prologue there are currently several hundred followers that have accompanied me.  In my mind that is a life I have touched.  I may be spreading awareness to this person, giving them a virtual shoulder to cry on or who knows…. 

My ten year old daughter and I were chatting about the blog.  She is the main reason I pour my heart and soul into this project.  I want her to be a part of it but she’s off being an amazing 10 year old so how could I bring her in?  Well here it is…this book!  We had a whole summer looming in front of us and my little book worm was eager to work on this project with me.

ADHD is stereotyped in so many ways.  “It’s not real.”  “It only affects boys.”  “Don’t worry he will outgrow it.”  In the following pages you will have a chance to glimpse into the world of ADHD through the eyes of my little girl.  Her real world struggles and hard earned triumphs.  Of course I will chime in with a little parental perspective too.

It is our hope that sharing our story will shed some light on our journey with ADHD will continue to spread awareness.  Each person with ADHD of course has their own journey but here is ours.


What do you think?  Any feedback is welcome!  This is a work in progress so please share with us in the comments what topics you would like to see covered.

3 thoughts on “Announcing our Ebook with a Sneak Peek

  1. I’m new to your blog and I’m looking forward to going back and reading in hopes of learning. I think the intro was great and cant wait to read more. What I am trying to look into at this point in our journey is coping skills. I also have a ten year old daughter and at this point having ADHD is shameful to her. I would have loved nothing more then to work with her and help her without her feeling this way. However she is my oldest I made some mistakes and this is where we’re at. So I’m hoping to find some things we could try to help as to avoid medication. And at the same time not make this her feel defined by it. You may have covered a lot of this in your earlier posts but any help would be awesome! Thanks


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