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School Pictures and The Myth of the “Perfect Smile”

It’s been a long week people and school pictures were just one amusing bump in the road.  So I’m going to make this short but sweet.

In an ideal world on picture day your sweet child would wake up and cheerfully put on the adorable outfit you so caringly laid out for him/her the night before.  You would arrive at school admiring all the cuties dressed in their finest and kiss your little one farewell.  Reminding them to smile for the camera.

Here’s what happened in my house this week.  Monday was a holiday and when I glanced at the calendar I saw the reminder that Tuesday would be picture day.  My hubby was out meticulously drafting his fantasy football team so I invited a friend and her kids  (a fellow fantasy football widow) over for dinner.  We all had fun but I was pushing well past bedtime by the time I got the kids settled in for the night.  In my rush towards bedtime, I had skipped over the step where we lay out our clothes for the next day….and you can guess where this is headed,…yep we forgot all about Picture Day!!

The next morning after I sent the kiddos off on the bus and settled into my office I saw that little reminder again on my phone.  I looked at my husband in a panic but then quickly realized the magic in this moment.  Picture Day is never picture perfect in my ADHD household.  Even on the best day, I struggle to drag my littles through their morning routine without losing my sh**.  On Picture Day, everything amps up a notch because I’m asking them to wear that itchy dress or the shirt with a collar that drives them to a complete meltdown.  This year the outfit wasn’t what I would have chosen but I unknowingly skipped over all the chaos.  When I picked my son up from school and apologized for my mom-fail.  He responded, “Don’t worry Mom.  I look great” as he flashed me the picture perfect smile to melt my heart.

I found this story and it made me smile.  Maybe we need to let go of the reigns a little sometimes and let our kids shine in their own special way.

daze-- (1)

Tell me in the comment section what is your mom-fail moment?  Any wisdom gained?

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