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A Survival Guide for the ADHD Household & the Holidaze

A quick show of hands…who has seen the new Bad Moms movie?  If you are not raising your hand right now, stop reading this and get yourself to the theater.  As a parent to an ADHDer this movie speaks your language.  While Christmas is most definitely the Superbowl for moms, a family touched by ADHD is playing with the odds stacked against them.

How do you survive?  And if you are really good even ENJOY the holidays?  Here a few of my tricks…

  1. Cue the Frozen soundtrack….”Let it Go, Let it Go!!”  I know you want the picture perfect holiday but let’s get real…what does that look like?  Your kids are already overstimulated this time of year so dragging them to a million holiday events and errands is only going to make the situation go from bad to worse.  If you just can’t seem to get the holiday cards out this year, skip it…or make it a Valentine’s Day card.
  2. What are your priorities?  Ask yourself, ask your kids and ask your significant other and then make a list.  Keep the list short and put those things on the calendar.  Then you know what you can say yes to when the evites start rolling in.
  3. I have waxed poetic about my love for my holiday binder before…but I have to give it another shout-out here.  Although I would love to say I have it all together but it’s not perfect.  But it is a place where I can go to find all my decorating ideas, favorite holiday recipes, and shopping lists.  Check out this article for a detailed breakdown of how to put one together.
  4. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.  My hubby is way more proficient at wrapping gifts than I am.  I’m very lucky that he jumps in to help with this task and it takes just one more thing off my plate.

The opening scene of Bad Moms where Amy is sitting in the aftermath of a holiday gone catastrophic can be avoided.  Let’s face it our households have enough crazy…and then there are the holidays where the crazy is turned up a notch!

daze-- (1)

What tips or tricks do you have to keep your holidays on track?  Comment below to share your ideas.

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