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Why OT as ADHD Therapy?

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that you LOVED!?  The fit, the style, everything was perfect but they were loved so much that they lost their sparkle.  Maybe you take them to a cobbler or bust out that shoe polish and start buffing away until they regain their shine. Occupational Therapist, Cobbler to… Continue reading Why OT as ADHD Therapy?


Natural Remedies for ADHD, Do they Work?

If you do a google search for ADHD, half the results will come back with some natural treatment.  Do these really work?  I am more of a show me the scientifical proof mom than let’s kneel by our bed and prey type...but to each their own.  I’m making no judgements here.  The truth is we… Continue reading Natural Remedies for ADHD, Do they Work?


How our Dog Became Therapy for ADHD

All I Want for Christmas It’s kind of a classic Christmas wish right? Well 2 years ago guess what was on the top of my daughter’s list? Yep, a puppy. The thought of adding another creature to my already chaotic house was more than I could process. I was already drowning with the responsibility of… Continue reading How our Dog Became Therapy for ADHD