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Exercise Your ADHD Brain! (Guest Post)

I'm very excited to introduce my first guest post from my friend Deborah over at Raising The Blinds: Many of us dread exercising, even though we know it is a proven method to get us in to shape.  (Raise your hand if you feel like patting yourself on the back following 15 minutes on the treadmill.… Continue reading Exercise Your ADHD Brain! (Guest Post)


Do You Question the ADHD Diagnosis?

Our Diagnosis Story I’m not quite sure where to start because looking back now over the past 10 years of my daughter’s life there are so many warning signs but when you are in the thick of parenting ADHD warning signs can also look like normal childhood. As an infant Pickles (no of course that's… Continue reading Do You Question the ADHD Diagnosis?


Why I started blogging about ADHD

ADHD awareness month When my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD over 3 years ago I didn't know where to turn.  It was one of those things that everyone swept under the rug but at the same time it was eating me up inside.  I could tell my daughter was hurting.  Why was it ok for the… Continue reading Why I started blogging about ADHD


2 Obstacles to Enjoying the Holidaze

The holidays can be stressful and overwhelming to anyone but for those parenting a family with ADHD it's even more challenging.  I wanted to share some of the stumbling blocks we have faced in our family and my (sometimes failed attempts) to solve them. Impulse Control Most of us struggle with the urge to dive into… Continue reading 2 Obstacles to Enjoying the Holidaze


How did I get here?

As an idealistic college student I never imagined my life looking like this 20 years later but I wouldn't want it any other way!  I did not choose ADHD to shape the wife and mother that I've become.  It chose me.  And I have spent countless hours and maybe even days (weeks?) wondering why me,… Continue reading How did I get here?