dazeWhat is ADHDaze?  Good question…and to be honest I’m still trying to figure that out.  Do you see the haze in the horizon in the picture above?  It blurs out the rest of the scenery.  This picture was taken on a family Santa Barbara beach vacation.  There I am standing with my toes in the sand holding the precious hand of my sweet boy but the haze is blurring out what lies beyond.  Of course there is a whole big beautiful world in the horizon but right there in that moment I can’t see it.

Well ADHD has created that haze in my life as a parent.  Raising a family touched by ADHD created a different life than I had imagined for myself.  It has touched every part of my life as a mother and wife to those living with ADHD.  There is beauty in this difference but somedays I have to work very hard to get through the daze to find it.  This blog is about our journey and if you are reading this my guess is you want to find a way to clear the haze too.  Or at least find the beauty in it.